Mental Health First Aid

So the statistic is that one in five people in any given year will suffer with some form of mental issue.  For us what this means is that mental illness is present within our families, our social networks, our faith communities and present in our working environments. 


Often is the case we can feel totally inadequate to reach out to those about us who may well be displaying behaviours which suggest they are going through a form of mental difficulty and would benefit from professional help.

In 2000 Betty Kitchen and Tony Jorm created the now world renowned Mental Health First Aid which teaches the skills to help someone who they are concerned about.  The two day course covers the subject of mental health and builds up mental health knowledge so that participants are able to recognise the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and suicidality.  This course is also practical teaching when first aid is required, what you can do, how you can help and equipping you with effective communication, knowing what to say and how to say it.

I encourage you to explore the Mental Health First Aid website and also take the opportunity to attend one of the courses I provide. The course will be found in the calendar of events on this website.

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