Purpose of That Speaks of Peace

That speaks of peace exists to support people experience a personal encounter with God.  This is achieved through encouragement, conversation and most importantly through prayer.

Psalm 85 says, I will hear what the Lord God has to say, a voice that speaks of peace.  Peace for his people and friends and those who call on him from their hearts.

And so that speaks of peace is at the service of those who have an established relationship with God and seek to deepen that relationship.  It is also for those people who although do not have a defined practice or clear understanding of God and yet yearn within their hearts for those things that only God can provide.

I encourage you to look over the website and explore what it has to offer.

God is with us, with you now, and in inviting you to allow him in to you heart and mind, to trust him and believe in him so that we can live good and satisfying lives.